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Volunteer Drivers

We worked with this local community group who have a mission that is very close to our hearts!

Giving back to the local community!

It’s fantastic to be working with a voluntary organisation and using our marketing expertise to raise awareness of this great cause.

We first heard of this organisation through Jayne’s mum, who is one of the volunteer drivers. They got in touch to see if we could create a leaflet for them to help get the word out about the much-needed service they provide.

We were happy to help, but knew we could do more.

It was clear to us that the way forward was a website where all the information could be held, and easily edited by volunteers. The leaflet would then complement this website, with short, concise content aimed at raising awareness and signposting readers to more detailed web content.

The group is delighted with their new website and we can’t wait to work with Volunteer Drivers again to help them promote their important work in the community.

EVIE Creative did a fantastic job helping us to develop a website which was easy to use and it looked great too. They advised us on all aspect from setup and design to content and updates. We were really pleased with the outcome.

Roger Lightup, Irlam & Cadishead Volunteer Driver Service


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