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We’ve loved every minute of working with Laura on a stylish and functional website to help customers buy beautiful things!

Love What You Do!

Laura’s love for homeware and lifestyle products grew into an ambition to set up an online treasure trove of delights to share with the world.

With the arrival of her first child, Laura took the opportunity to change her lifestyle and follow her dreams. After travelling the world and working for big brands, she wanted to share her passion for all things beautiful while spending more time at home with her growing family.

People obviously shared this passion, and her business blossomed. She needed a smart transactional website to provide a smooth user experience and keep up with demand, and wanted to continue to build her customer base.

We provided Laura with a comprehensive web development and support package, building her website, integrating payment systems, uploading and categorising content, designing banners and working on SEO.

As part of the service we provided Laura with reports through Google Analytics, which she used to continually re-evaluate performance and drive the success of Koko Blossom.

“The brief was to not only built a fully functional website but optimise the site with the aim of getting the brand noticed.

Enlisting Evie allowed the owner the time needed in other ares to focus on driving the business forward.”


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