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My Story

Where I started:


I have to admit I kind of fell into marketing. It wasn’t something I always dreamed of doing but something I eventually found I had a natural flair for. I graduated with a degree in Television Production and after a short-stint working in TV I soon realised that my heart wasn’t in it.


However, like most other recent graduates, I found myself over educated for some jobs but not experienced enough for others. So, to gain some basic office experience I took an admin job at an engineering company. After a year, I moved into their Sales and Marketing department and embarked on what would become my Marketing career.


I went back to studying (something I said I would never do after Uni) and got a CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing under my belt. I knew the next step was to broaden my experience so I took a 6-month contract at The University of Manchester. Something I never imagined would lead to an amazing 8-year learning curve. Working my way up to a Senior Management post, leading  a team of 6 people and responsible for the University’s student recruitment marketing activity.  I was very lucky to have gained such valuable experience but there was something inside me that wanted to see what else was out there.


What inspired me:


I watched my dad start his business later in life, something he’d talked about since I can remember. I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps and it felt like the most natural leap after having my first child.


I teamed up with my brother, a freelance events manager, and together we started, what became a successful mobile bar business. I soon realised the amount of energy, passion and investment required to start-up and run a small business and with a second child on the way it wasn’t something I had an abundance of! Although the Prosecco on tap was difficult to part ways with, we decided it was time to move on.


I returned to work part-time at the University and continued to freelance on the side. However, from the experience gained from my small business venture, I knew I wanted to work with other small businesses to help them establish a strong foundation in which to build a long-term, successful future.


What the future holds:


So, on the hunt for greater flexibility, zero commute and a better work-life balance (yet to be realised), here I am. At the very beginning of my new journey. Hoping to help businesses find their feet by getting the basic marketing principles in place, establish their stories and how they present themselves in the market place and work out how best to invest their often small marketing budget.