Canva is a great tool for producing DIY graphics for social media and we often recommend it to our clients.

Yes that’s right, we sometimes show our clients how to design their own creative content! And from time to time, we must confess, we even use it ourselves!

Canva is great for simple on the go graphics that require minimal image and text editing. It has revolutionised the way businesses present information, particularly on social media, by giving everyone access fast, free and fun to use design software.

Now they’re the good bits! But like we would say to any our clients, there are just a couple of things I would recommend you consider if you’re thinking of giving it a go:


The free templates are great for inspiration but try and start with a blank canvas. That way you won’t end up with the same generic designs as everyone else.


Think about your visual identity. It may be tempting to try out all the different options thrown at you but think about the fonts, shapes and colours that are consistent with you brand.


Canva isn’t completely free. Many of the images and templates are only available on the subscription plans and as you can imagine they are usually the best ones.


It is super simple to use, which is great, but as a result some of the features are quite basic. Image resizing is a bit of a nightmare and don’t get me started on the colour palette.


Canva can be liberating for businesses who have struggled in the past to communicate their vision to designers. However, you could quite easily spend hours creating graphics which you really don’t need – just because you can!

It’s about finding a balance that works for you and your business. We recognise the benefits that Canva can bring to small business owners and as creative professionals have found a way to embrace it rather than fight against it.

For one of our clients, that had a high turnover of graphical content, we made 8 different templates. These were each set within the background of a blank template within Canva so he could easily edit text and image overlays as and when needed.

 So we say… Create, don’t hate!